FACK IT. Just do it.

ONEDEFINED is producing electronic music for more than 10 years, but not with the same name. Inspired by Dutch House in the beginning, nowadays known as ‘EDM’, he gradually developed taste and understanding being open for genres like Tech House, Minimal and finally Techno.

Techno changed his life in 2012. The year Fack It was born, and he decided to put all time, energy and trust into this adventure. Starting over with a new name, leaving the ‘Silky Bastard‘ legacy behind.

ONEDEFINED became the new name as performing artist, Fack It Records was founded, followed by the Official Fack It Store mid 2016 and the worldwide Fack It Family. A conscious approach in doing it ‘big’, doing it his own way. The ‘Fack It’ mindset made it all possible and makes everything possible from this point. 

The ‘Fack It’ mindset made it all possible, it gives you that freedom to do what you want to do; in the moment, without expecting a better future. Just here, now, fack it, forever.