universality over personality


Raised by House, inspired by Techno


from 93′ till infinity

1993 | Born in The Netherlands

2008 | Struck by Dirty House

2009 | 1st dj-set on stage as Silky Bastard

2010 | Discovering Techno

          | 1st dj-set abroad (Starbeach, Crete)

          | 1st time visiting Awakenings, Gashouder

          | 1st time visiting Time Warp, Amsterdam

          | 1st time visiting Planet Rose, Nijmegen

2012 | Dreamtrip Ibiza by Pepsi & SlamFM

2013 | Year of reinventing 

2014 | Silky Bastard  ➜ ONEDEFINED

2015 | Founding Fack It Records

          | 1st dj-set on stage as ONEDEFINED

2016 | Opening Official Fack It Store

2017 | Fack It Festival 2017

2018 | Official Fack It Store in 50 countries

2019 | Techno & HipHop on Fack It Records

2020 | Year of reinventing

2021 | Release of ‘Hope’ on Fack It Records
          | Release of ‘Squid Game’ TECHNO MIX
          | Release of ‘Freedom EP’
          | Release of ‘Rollercoaster’

2022 | The year.

*last update January 2022


ONEDEFINED (Netherlands, 1993) is a Dutch/Moroccan DJ, producer and label owner with a sixth sense for electronic music. His spiritual approach towards techno with innate bodily rhythm, makes ONEDEFINED an artist up to something special. The launch of his own label and the release of his first record on it in 2015 were the first steps on his self-carved pathway in the music industry.

ONEDEFINED has a clear vision about electronic music and Freedom is the guiding principle; the freedom to create, mix, master and release music whenever and however he wants. Fack It Records facilitates that freedom, resulting in 58 official releases so far. His releases resemble a musical diary; reflecting life experiences and making statements about certain topics and events in the world. Today his records are resonating with people from all around the globe; being powerfully represented on the web; hitting worldly known playlists and being a regular guest on house parties, afterparties and for underground DJ’s a known name in their record bags.

Welcome to the story of what happens when you say f*ck it and make music your life.



During the rising times of electronic music in 2008, it was inevitable to come in touch with House music. Many Dutch DJ’s and producers contributed to the foundation for an upbeat sound that would travel around the world – later to be known by the name of EDM. Techno raves and festivals were increasingly growing at the same time, taking the music from the underground rivers to the mainstream.

Between best of both worlds, ONEDEFINED was born.

Freedom EP | OUT NOW



30 november 2021


Techno made big impact on ONEDEFINED.
His first encounter with techno was at Awakenings and Time Warp in 2010 – the ringleaders of techno at the time. Responsible for serious impact when it comes to techno raves at large scale. A more intimate approach happened at Doornroosje, Nijmegen where the infamous ‘Planet Rose’ nights provided a real underground techno rave experience. On these nights the darker and more intrinsic sides of electronic music were revealed to ONEDEFINED, leaving a transformative imprint. After winning a global producer contest in 2012, a fully cared for IBIZA Dreamtrip & Club experience followed, the same year FACK IT. came to light as golden key to overcome depression and trigger to organize the first and notorious Fack It – The Rave at the Hall of Fame in Tilburg.



ONEDEFINED’s music taste started with loud bleeps and bass – and developed after his techno clubbing experiences in 2010, diving deeper into the consistency of tight four-on-the-floor beats and bass lines. The more detailed mixing skills, the power of consistency and the solid and low frequency bass lines in techno music opened doors to a whole new dimension within the field of electronic music for ONEDEFINED. His endless musical creativity and f*ck it lifestyle on top of that were great additions for the overall inspiration in creating an own sound. A sound understood, but never heard before.



Make it work.