Born in The Netherlands during the rising times of electronic music, discovering your number one passion in life: surprising people with sound. Struck by Dutch House music in 2008, you chose your path for the rest of your life; Music. F*ck It. Gradually developing taste and understanding exploring the genres Tech House, Minimal and Techno before something magical was about to happen. Welcome to the story of ONEDEFINED.

'Techno changed my life in 2012, the same year FACK IT. came to light. It gave space to re-think my life as performing artist and the value I want to bring with music. Techno showed me opportunity for the long-run, while EDM was more focused on the short-run. A real awakening as I always wanted to innovate on sound by creating a new one; A sound that people understand, but never heard before. 'Fack It' gave me the power to do this. The power and freedom to evolve as an artist with a new name that reflects my one-mind vision on the dancefloor. Leaving behind my early career as Silky Bastardand taking the experience with me.'

A journey beyond standards. Starting with 50 releases on Fack It Records in the following years while touching people's hearts one-by-one with the Fack It vision,  connecting techno people worldwide by a strong and very recognizable clothing brand

A story about devotion, passion and a dedication for the love of electronic music. Sharing with you:

The sound of ONEDEFINED

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Never trust a DJ that doesn't dance.

Deep / Space / Future / Vocal / Techno / New Age


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Karim is born in The Netherlands ('93), during the rising times of electronic music. discovered his passion & curse in life early on: music. Struck by Dutch House music in the beginning, a decision was made that will follow him the rest of his life. While developing taste and understanding in exploring genres like Tech House and Minimal something mind blowing was about to happen..

Techno made big impact on his life in 2012, the same year FACK IT. came to light as solution for his long time depression. It made him look differently against life and life as an artist and the possibilities in having impact on people's lives with playing and making music. Techno-music showed opportunity for the long-run, while EDM was more focused on the short-run. A real awakening as he always wanted to dive deep, and innovate on sound; A sound understood, but never heard before.

'No race, color, religion, government or sexual preference is able to transcend this. Fack It gave me the freedom to change and evolve as an artist complementing this vision; from Silky Bastard to ONEDEFINED. 

ONEDEFINED now released over 50 tracks on the label and will continue to do so without having a specific goal. The journey is the goal. Touching people's hearts by accident; connecting people worldwide with the Fack It Podcast Series and a very powerful and recognizable clothing brand.

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