Raised by House, inspired by Techno


Raised by House, inspired by Techno


You Are My XTC (EP)

Hypnosis (EP)

Rave (EP)




from 93′ till infinity..

1993 | Born in The Netherlands

2008 | Struck by Dirty House

2009 | 1st dj-set on stage as Silky Bastard

2010 | Discovering Techno

          | 1st dj-set abroad (Starbeach, Crete)

          | 1st time visiting Planet Rose, Nijmegen

          | 1st time visiting Time Warp, Amsterdam

          | 1st time visiting Awakenings, Gashouder

2012 | Dreamtrip Ibiza by Pepsi & SlamFM

2013 | Year of reinventing 

2014 | Silky Bastard  ➜ ONEDEFINED

2015 | Founding Fack It Records

          | 1st dj-set on stage as ONEDEFINED

2016 | Opening Official Fack It Store

2017 | Fack It Festival 2017

2018 | Official Fack It Store in 50 countries

2019 | Techno & HipHop on Fack It Records

2020 | Year of reinventing

2021 | Release of ‘Dream’ on Fack It Records

2022 | Imagine..


Born in The Netherlands during the rising times of electronic music, it was inevitable that around the year 2008 you would come in touch with Dirty House. During these times, the foundation was created for what later would be known as EDM all around the globe. At the same time, massive Techno festivals started to pop up bringing the underground sounds to the upperground, changing lives forever.

Techno made a big impact on ONEDEFINED, one of it’s first encounters was at Doornroosje, Nijmegen where the infamous Planet Rose nights programmed Chris Liebing and Monoloc on one night; a revealing experience. Shortly after Awakenings and Time Warp followed before a life-changing experience in Club Space (Ibiza) in the year 2012, the same year FACK IT came to light as golden key in overcoming depression. It made him look differently towards life and music while doing research to the roots of electronic music. The history of Techno showed opportunity for a long-lasting adventure, while EDM was more focused on the short-run. A real awakening as ONEDEFINED always wanted to dive deep and communicate through sounds for the rest of his life; A sound understood, but not heard before.

Fack It appeared to be the golden key in transcending all conditioning that was causing depression (de-pressuring-energies). Nothing that is made up in the mind is able to transcend our nature. It’s our minds that are in war with ourselves and others causing disruptive states of being. Thinking ‘Fack It’ has proven to be a solution in stopping to overthink and recognize your true and already free nature.


Make it work.