ONEDEFINED is a name that compliments the vision of nothing being personal, but everything being one; as we all come from the same source of existence and return back to it in different forms.

Shadowed by Karim Rave, a Dutch-born and Moroccan origin Dj, producer, event host and label owner of Fack It Records®. Representing a foremost hypnotizing sound within the techno spectrum. Lifting mind, body and soul into deep and ecstatic atmospheres.

The vision of his label, Fack It Records®, is focussed on exploring the endless possibilities of technology and music beyond the conceptual limitations of the mind. This is the freedom Karim was looking for since the age of fifteen; playing, producing, releasing and communicating with futuristic music to a worldwide audience.

Besides playing, producing and releasing records, Karim also hosts events in different cities across The Netherlands by the name of FACK IT and HYPNOSIS. For upcoming events checkout the Fack It Facebookpage on which the Fack It Podcast Series® is being broadcasted Live every week. To visit world’s best known techno inspired clothing brand visit the Official Fack It Store®.