ONEDEFINED is a Rotterdam based Dj, producer, event host and label owner. Running Fack It Records®; mostly presenting sub-based techno, hypnotizing the mind into mysterious atmospheres where new heights of consciousness are being explored.

The vision of Fack It Records® is primarily focussed on willingly entering the unknown without preparation, rules or the interference of thought; exploring the endless possibilities of technology and music beyond the limitations of the mind. This is the freedom ONEDEFINED was looking for since the age of fifteen; producing, releasing and representing music independently to a worldwide audience.

Besides playing, producing and distributing records, ONEDEFINED also hosts events in different cities across The Netherlands by the name of FACK IT®, weekly broadcasting the Fack It Podcast Series® Live on Facebook while being responsible for world’s #1 techno inspired clothing brand with the aspiration to organize world’s first techno rave on the moon. The story continues.